Services: What We Do

Core Services

The Startup Law Clinic acts as legal startup counsel to our clients, providing advice and counsel on a broad range of legal issues faced by startups

These include:

  • Early-stage transactional legal and business advice:
    • What is the idea?  What problem does it solve and/or what existing market or practice does it disrupt?
  • Initial intellectual property advice:
    • Can the idea become an intellectual property asset of the venture?
  • Intellectual property strategy:
    • Should the venture patent its technology or keep it secret?  Is there brand value to leverage?
  • Trademark and copyright registration and advice
    • We can advise on the value of registering these IP assets, and help you apply.
  • Entity selection and formation:
    • LLC, C-corporation, or “other”?
  • Advice on equity allocation among founders, vesting, equity compensation and employment issues:
    • Who is on the team?  Whose contributions will count the most? What if a founder leaves?
  • Contract drafting and review — service/employment agreements, licenses, joint ventures, and strategic partner relationships:
    • We can help identify objectives, negotiate issues and document agreements between our clients and third parties
  • Debt and equity capital-raising transactions.
    • How much, and what kind of, capital does the venture need?  We can help negotiate and close debt and equity financings.

Other Ways We Can Help

While the clinic is able to cover a large range of the legal challenges that a startup faces, we do limit our engagement to those services which we and our client agree are most necessary and which we can provide effectively.  Our engagement letter will specify the services we propose to provide.

Our clients may also require legal services in certain specialized areas in which we do not practice, such as patent prosecution, immigration advice or tax advice.  In some cases, we may be able to assist with referrals for such matters to one or more private attorneys.