SHIELD is featured in Forbes:
“We Might Live In A Giant Croissant-Shaped Bubble In Space Say Scientists. Now NASA Is On The Case”   (May 7, 2022)

SHIELD receives Phase II Funding: NASA announces the selection of the SHIELD DRIVE Science Center as one of three DRIVE Science Centers nationally funded for 5 years!  (April 2022)


BU Announcement of the SHIELD as NASA DRIVE Center, August 2020: “Uncovering our Solar System’s Shape”

Jerusalem Post, August 2020: “Solar system’s heliosphere may be croissant-shaped – study, These findings could have major implications on the search for habitable planets outside the solar system”, August 2020: “Is our solar system shaped like a deflated croissant?”

Newsweek, August 2020, “NASA Says we all live inside a giant “deflated croissant, yes really”

Sky and Telescope, September 2020. “Crossing the Edge of Our Solar System”

The Voyager 2 infographic in Sky and Telescope in Sept 2020 wins an American Astronomical Society science communication award!

Merav Opher speaks to the Israeli radio and discusses diversity through the SHIELD Drive Science Center




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