Quick Overview and FAQs

If you are new to the new CAP system, here is a quick overview of the most important changes and information:

How is the new CAP system different from the old PPA system?

The new CAP system is different in 4 important ways.

1.  The CAP is designed based on the new Massachusetts system of teacher evaluation, and its observation rubric is drawn from the broader statewide teacher evaluation rubric.  You can read more about the new MA rubric here.

2.  The CAP system uses new terminology to refer to the people involved in teacher practicum experiences.  Student teachers are referred to as teacher candidates (TCs) now.  Mentor teachers are called supervising practitioners (SPs), and university supervisors are called program supervisors (PSs).

3.  The CAP system structures observations differently from the old PPA system in order to help TCs better document their own growth over time.  So the new system contains a baseline observation to see where a TC begins and a goal-setting process for improvement.  Then the system contains both announced and unannounced visits to assess TC progress and growth in targeted areas.

4.  The CAP looks at additional sources of data beyond observations, including a TC self-assessment, a look at data collected from students, and a goal-setting process for TCs to consider their improvement over time.


Is the new CAP system just like the MA teacher evaluation rubric?

No, the new CAP system for teacher candidates focuses on a subset of the capacities described in the new teacher evaluation rubric.


What paperwork do I need for the new CAP system?

We have included the paperwork you’ll need for your practicum work here on this site.  To read more about what you will need, go here if you are a TC, here if you are an SP, or here if you are a PS.


What is the timeline for the observations in the new CAP system?

The CAP system prescribes windows of time in which certain events should occur.  Visit the pages for TCs, SPs, and PSs for guidance about when you should take different steps in the process.


What should I do if I have questions or feedback about using the new CAP system at BU?

We are early in our work of implementing this new system.  We expect many questions about this new system, and we are eager and interested to hear thoughts about how we might improve or clarify the process for participants in all roles.  Please contact the faculty in your content areas with any questions or feedback about the CAP.