Welcome to the Secondary Education CAP Resource Page for teacher candidates, supervising practitioners, and program supervisors! The purpose of this site is to give you all of the tools you need to successfully navigate the MA Department of Elementary & Secondary Education’s new licensure process–   Candidate Assessment of Performance (CAP).  A more in-depth overview of the broader student-teaching experience can be found in our Secondary Education Practicum Guide.

Before you go any further, here is a quick overview of what is different about the new CAP system from the former PPA (Pre-Service Performance Assessment) system.

Teacher Candidates can also find information about fingerprinting and CORI checks that are required for student-teaching here.

Next you can click on one of the links below for information and required forms relevant to YOU!



 (The people formerly known as student-teachers)


 (The people formerly known as mentor teachers)
 (The people formerly known as university supervisors)


For program specific questions, please reach out to the practicum advisor for your discipline:

English Education– Prof. Davena Jackson (dyjacks@bu.edu)

English Learner Education– Prof. Christine Leider (montecil@bu.edu)

Math Education– Prof. Aaron Brakonieki (brak@bu.edu)

Modern Foreign Language Education– Prof. Catherine Ritz (critz@bu.edu)

Science Education– Prof. Don Derosa (donder@bu.edu)

Social Studies Education– Prof. Stephan Ellenwood (ellenwoo@bu.edu)