Celia Connolly (She/Her or They/Them)

Financial Coordinator, School of Social Work

  • Gender Identity: Non-binary
  • Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
  • Race/Ethnicity/Nationality: white
  • Hometown: Perrysburg, Ohio

I have the distinct pleasure of serving as the Vice Chair of the LGBTQIA+ FSCN, and would love to connect with any of you! I work in the Finance & Administration office in the School of Social Work, and am a MSW student there as well. I moved to Boston five years ago after completing my BA in Anthropology in Ohio, and even though I have a LOT to say about the cultural atmosphere there, I’ll defend my home state’s weird chili and infinite cornfields to the death. I’m passionate about research and evaluation, and bringing data-driven best practices to everything I do. When I’m not in the office, in class, or working on FSCN programming, you can find me hiking, building the perfect breakfast sandwich, taking pictures of my cat, or playing various instruments.

Contact Celia for academic support, research support, career support, student life, coming out, mentoring, and general networking.