Boston University ORCID Record Creation

Boston University faculty, staff and students who wish to get an new ORCID identifier should use the “Create My ORCID” option.

If you already have an ORCID record, please click “Provide Existing ORCID” to allow us to associate your BU Login with your ORCID identifier.

Please note that publishers have begun asking for ORCID identifiers during the manuscript submission process, and there are several benefits to getting an ORCID iD, which will follow you throughout your scholarly career.  For more information visit

1 You will be prompted for your BU login/password with a simple form to complete the process.
2 You will be prompted for your BU login/password. On the ORCID form that follows click “Sign In” next to “Already have an ORCID iD,” and login to ORCID.