New Resource: Glossary for Culture Transformation

NEPHTC is happy to share the Glossary for Culture Transformation, developed by Boston Medical Center and Boston University. Read more and access the glossary here:

“The Office of Equity, Vitality, and Inclusion, in partnership with Boston Medical Center, Boston University Medical Group, Boston University School of Medicine, Boston University School of Public Health, Boston University Goldman School of Dental Medicine, and Boston University Graduate Medical Sciences collaboratively developed this Glossary as a tool to align our goals of justice, equity, and belonging and strengthen our collective understanding. Establishing shared language is foundational to creating common understanding by expanding our awareness of the world beyond our individual identities and experiences.

The Glossary is informed by experts across many fields and is consistent with our peer institutes. Most importantly, our students, faculty, staff, and leadership reviewed and revised it! Together, we developed the Glossary for Culture Transformation and together, we can promote an environment where everyone feels affirmed and valued!”