2018 BU Microbiome Day

February 14, 2018

Location: Trustee Center Ballroom, One Silber Way, 9th Floor, Boston MA

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Featuring the following keynote speakers . . . 
Moran Yassour, Broad Institute, Strain-level identification of mother-to-child bacterial transmission
Floyd E. Dewhirst, Forsyth Institute, Culturing “uncultivable” bacteria from your mouth
Ashley Shade, Michigan State University, Ecological selection at environmental extremes:  what can we learn from microbiomes?
Roberto Kolter & Scott Chimileski, Harvard University, Life at the Edge of Sight – A Photographic Exploration of the Microbial World

poster abstracts due on february 8
a Microbiome ARC mini-symposium, sponsored by the Boston University Interdisciplinary Biomedical Research office (IBRO), BU Bioinformatics and by the Kavli Foundation