Leadership, Management, and Communications Trainings

How can we build strategic skills that will create a 21st century public health infrastructure?

These trainings focus on leadership and equity in the field of public health, and on public health in action.

Some of them detail public health laws, systems, and strategies, like: PH Law and Legal Issues, Strategies for Funding BOH, and Incident Command System and PH.

Others describe what health promotion and public health in action look like, including: Health Promotion/Health Equity and Ten Essential Services of PH in Action.

What LPHI learners say

“This was an outstanding training! I would love to see more on Systems Thinking; as I went through the slides, I was actively considering at each step ways to implement in practice. Very valuable!

“For a brief one hour course this was an excellent introduction into various mental models that influence how we function in certain circumstances. Very good”