Environmental Health and Regulatory Programs Trainings

How can we prevent human injury and illness by identifying, evaluating, and limiting exposures to environmental hazards?

These trainings focus on environmental health and regulatory programs.

Some of these trainings focus on specific community issues that have potential environmental health hazards, like: Mold, Nuisances, Tanning facilities, Bed bugs, Animal control, Indoor ice skating rinks, Hoarding, Preparation of sushi, Recreational waters.

Other trainings discuss the regulation of larger environmental issues, including: Hazardous waste, Wastewater, Solid waste, Recycling, Medical/biological waste programs.

Also introduced are regulatory programs on topics like: Housing, Drinking water and private wells, Public health workforce protection, and Sanitary surveys.

What LPHI learners say

“As someone who is newer to the field, I thought the training was very well presented and didn’t make me feel overwhelmed. The knowledge was well presented so I was able to follow along and absorb everything.”

“[This is an] excellent program with knowledgeable instructors that gave great information. Really expanded my comfort level and gave concrete examples and explanation. Thank you!”