Emergency Preparedness Trainings

How can we plan for, respond to, recover from, and mitigate the effects of disasters and emergencies?

These trainings focus on being prepared for and recovering from an emergency. The better prepared your community is for an emergency, the better it can mitigate the effects of and recover from the disaster.

Some trainings discuss preparedness in terms of: Things you can do from home, Things local boards of health can do, and Things communities can do.

Other trainings describe resources that are available both on a local and federal level to deal with emergencies, such as: Strategic National Stockpile, Incident Command System, Health and Medical Coordinating Coalitions, and Emergency Dispensing Sites.

What LPHI learners say

“These trainings provide up to date education on current topics needed by Local Health Departments to effectively do their jobs”

“Helps build capacity for local public health departments in MA”