Community and Population Health Trainings

How can we improve health outcomes of communities or populations with a focus on equity?

These trainings focus on issues related to community and population health. Some provide a general overview of public health in the Commonwealth, including: Orientation to LPH in MA and PH Law and Legal Issues in MA.

Others discuss the potential health issues of and regulatory ways to address specific topics, like: Animal Control, Bed Bugs, Body Art, Hoarding, Tanning Facilities, and Tickborne and Infectious Disease.

Also included in this cluster are trainings that detail best practices, specifically: Strategies for Funding BOH Programs, Health Promotion and Health Equity, Dealing with Stress in Disasters, How to Hold a Public Hearing, and Infectious Disease Case Management.

Quote: Hoarding cases are so complicated. Thank you for this thorough and  thoughtful resource for Local Public Health.