Mass Housing – Mannillo Grant Funding Available

Local Task Forces, Coalitions or Teams in Massachusetts have made tremendous progress over the last few years.

To assist these local/regional groups in efforts to address identified hoarding needs in their communities, MassHousing is again making Mannillo grant funding available in FY20 through the attached Request for Proposals (RFP). Responses are due August 1, 2018, and awards will be announced by August 30.

Although the FY20 RFP is similar to the RFP issued last year, it emphasizes the need to implement improved data collection, tracking, analysis and reporting as an eligible activity.

Final HTF RFP FY20 Sample Data Summary Report

Both current and new task forces are welcome to apply.

If you are a current awardee, full utilization of FY19 funds and timely submission of required final FY19 reports are critical to be considered for an FY20 award.

Please feel free to contact me at or 617-854-1094 with any questions.

Enjoy your summer!