Electrical and Computer Engineering Sc752 Theory of Computer Hardware Testing

Prereq. Sc533

A unified presentation of approaches for testing and diagnosis of computer hardware. Gate-level testing, functional testing and random testing. Testability analysis. Testing of microprocessors and computer memories. Built-in self-testing. Design for testability. Board and system level testing and diagnosis.

Sc752 Syllabus

Faculty: Mark Karpovsky

Office: Rm.331, Pho

Phone : 353-9592



Textbooks: A. Miczo, “Digital Logic Testing and Simulation”, Wiley, 2003

N.Jha, S.Gupta, “Testing of Digital Systems”, Cambridge University Press, 2003

HWs: The homework assignments will be distributed in class one week before due dates. Copies of current hws will be also available outside Rm.331 Pho. Graded hws will be returned in class.

Exams: All exams (midterm and finals) are closed books – closed notes.

Paper work: Please keep your graded hws and exams until you get a final grade.


SC752. Introduction to Computer Hardware Testing. Main Topics.

  • Introduction to the theory of testing of computer hardware.
  • Test economics
  • Fault models and error models.
  • Gate-level testing of stuck-at and bridging faults.
  • Testing by Boolean differences and path sensitization.
  • Testability analysis.
  • Functional testing of microprocessors.
  • Pseudoexhaustive testing.
  • Random testing.
  • Memory testing.
  • Built-in self-testing. Signature analysis.
  • Space-time compression of test responses. Robust compressors.
  • Design for testability. SCAN techniques.
  • Board and system level diagnosis.
  • Testing with internal access. IDDQ testing.