EC752-Lecture Notes

SC 752 – Theory of Computer Hardware Testing

Class notes are provided in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF).

Lecture Topic



Introduction to Testing



Test Economics

752-Test Economics


Testing and Design Verification

752-Testing and Design Verification


Fault Models

752-Fault Models


Error Models 752-Error Models 172KB
Test Strategies 752-Test Strategies 257KB
Gate-level Testing 752-Gate-Level Testing 262KB
Detection of Bridging Faults 752-Detection of Bridging Faults 58KB
Testing by Boolean Derivatives 752-Testing by Boolean Differences 157KB
Detection of Multiple Faults 752-Detection of Multiple Faults 19KB
Testing of Special Classes of Devices 752-Testing of Special Classes of Devices 56KB
Functional Testing 752-Functional Testing 111KB
Pseudoexhaustive Testing 752-Pseudoexhaustive Testing 26KB
Memory Testing 752-Memory Testing 146KB
Testability Analysis 752-Testability Analysis 152KB
Random Testing 752-Random Testing 212KB
Data Compression of Test Responses 752-Data Compression of Test Responses 114KB
Design for testability 752-Design for Testability 156KB
Board Level Diagnosis 752-Board Level Diagnosis 82KB
Robust Compression of Test Responses 752-Robust Compression of Test Responses 108KB
Built-in Self Diagnosis 752-Builtin Self Diagnosis 182KB
Testing with Internal Access 752-Testing with Internal Access 115KB