SC 749 Interconnection Networks

4 credits

Prereq. SC 441 or equivalent

Instructor: Prof. Mark Karpovsky

Office: PHO-331

Phone: (617) 353-9592


Office Hours: MW 2-4

Teaching Fellow: Mehmet Mustafa

Phone: (781) 647-1359


Office Hours: On demand

Lecture Notes:

Complimentary Textbook: Jose Duato, Sudhakar Yalamanchili, Lionel Ni

Interconnection Networks, Morgan Kaufmann, 2002


Course Structure

3 homeworks, 3 labs, 1 midterm exam, Final exam

Homeworks: The homework assignments will be distributed

in class at least one week before due dates. Graded

homeworks will be returned in class.

Exams: All exams (Midterms and Final) are closed books and

closed notes.

Paperwork: Please keep all your graded homeworks, labs

and midterms until you get a final grade in the course.

Laboratory: For the laboratory section of the course,

students are expected to know how to write and test programs

in C. Other programming language such as BASIC or JAVA

are NOT suitable for the laboratory.

Course Schedule



Sep 5

Classification of Interconnection Networks
Laboratory account setup and requirements

Sep 10

Router Architectures 
Classification of Routing Techniques and Criteria for Routing

Sep 12

Topological Parameters of Networks

Sep 17

Standard Topologies for Multicomputers

Sep 24

Fault Models and Self-Testing of Networks

Sep 26

Combining Self-Test with System Test, Testing and Diagnosis with Monitors

Oct 1

Wormhole Routing for Unicasting

Oct 3

Turn Prohibition Routing

Oct 9

Up/Down Routing

Oct 10

Minimization of Number of Prohibited Turns

Oct 17

Construction of Routing Tables

Oct 22

Construction of Routing Tables

Oct 24

Fault-Tolerant Routing

Oct 29


Oct 31

Multicasting (Continued)

Nov 5

Laboratory Component (Class Time)

SC-749 Lab Syllabus FALL 2007



Sep 10

Introduction, names, emails and computer accounts

Sep 12

Assignment 1) Packet Switching Tutorial Handout – Results due Sep 19

Sep 19

Lecture- Introduction to Opnet, Editors, Procs and Simulation

Oct  3

Lecture- Models discussed and handed out

Oct 10

Assignment 2) Model simplification Combining Generator and GenQueue and combining Sink and SinkQueue modules – Due Oct 24

Oct 24

Assignment 3) Making the model real – introduce processing delays – Due Oct 31

Nov 5

Term Project Assignments – Due Dec 12