EC561-Lecture Notes

SC 561 – Error-Control Codes

Class notes are provided in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF).

Lecture Topic FILE Size
Introduction intro.pdf 129KB
Statistical Description of Channels sdc.pdf 304KB
Conditions for Existence of Codes cec.pdf 132KB
Introduction to Finite Fields iff.pdf 201KB
Linear Codes lc.pdf 73KB
The Main Theorem of Coding Theory mct.pdf 36KB
Bounds for Codes bc.pdf 176KB
Fermat’s Theorem ft.pdf 32KB
Linear Spaces over Fields lsf.pdf 151KB
Parity Check Matrices pcm.pdf 128KB
Encoding and Decoding ed.pdf 117KB
Lagrange Theorem and Standard Arrays lt.pdf 165KB
Shannon’s Theorem st.pdf 69KB
Syndrome Decoding sd.pdf 108KB
Binary Hamming Codes bhc.pdf 179KB
Products of Codes pc.pdf 138KB
Data Compression for Communication Channels dcc.pdf 79KB
Data Compression of test Response dct.pdf 131KB
Non-Binary Hamming Codes nhc.pdf 119KB
Codes in Lee Metrics clm.pdf 66KB
Cyclic Binary Hamming Codes cbh.pdf 255KB
Cyclic Non-binary Hamming Codes cnh.pdf 136KB
Detection of Solid Bursts dsb.pdf 34KB
Binary BCH Codes bbc.pdf 361KB
Non-Binary BCH Codes nbc.pdf 121KB
REED Salomon Codes rsc.pdf 288KB
Arithmetical Codes arth.pdf
Detection/Correction of Unidirectional Errors dcu.pdf 175KB
Robust Codes with Equal Protection for all Errors robust_codes.pdf 276KB
Error Detecting Codes providing a strong Security (AMD Codes) strongly_secure_codes.ppt 203KB