These are questions frequently asked by students in EC101 DD/EE.  When students send me emails with questions about the course, I will update this post. –Michael

  1. What Should I do if I missed several classes because I registered late or was quarantined?  Go to the Course Website and read all the announcements, especially the Welcome announcement at the bottom of the list.  Then review the Lecture Outlines and the Course Schedule.  If possible, borrow the notes of a friend already in the EC101 DD or EC101 EE course, and ask him or her to discuss them with you.  I will try to send you a link from last year’s recorded lectures to help you catch up.
  2. Can I get a copy of the lecture slides?
    No, I don’t distribute those.  But you can download a pdf copy of the Lecture Outlines, which are similar to the slides.  The outlines omit the pictures and some of the lecture details, but they leave you a place to add your own notes. To download the lecture outlines, go to Classes > Lecture Outlines.
  3. Do I have to buy a clicker?
    Yes.  You are required to buy a Turning Technologies student-response device, often called a clicker. I recommend that you buy it at the BU Bookstore.  The clicker comes with a 1-year or 5-year subscription–be careful not to lose the Subscription Voucher or the BU Bookstore receipt. Go to Course Information > How to Buy a Clicker for more information.  I no longer allow students to use smartphone apps, because they often fail to connect to the internet during the lectures.
  4. Do I have to register my clicker?  Yes.  If you bought your clicker at the BU Bookstore, you can simply follow the instructions on the Subscription Voucher that came with it. Otherwise, click on the Blackboard Clicker Registration Link. If a box asking for your Session ID appears, then you have registered before, so simply close the browser tab without entering anything.
  5. How can I tell whether my clicker is working properly?  After you answer a question in class with your clicker, it’s small LED light should turn green.  If it does, my computer has received your response.  If it blinks red or red/orange, there’s a problem.  If that happens, be sure the clicker is set to Channel 41.  Press Channel (bottom left), 4, 1, Channel, slowly one button at a time. BUT NEVER push the Channel button unless you are checking the channel.  Your clicker is always ON.
  6. If my clicker still doesn’t work properly or if I cannot register my clicker subscription, what should I do?
    Contact Damon Carlson <> and tell him what the problem is.  He will help you.
  7. I forgot to bring my clicker to lecture.  What should I do?  Forgetting your clicker won’t affect your grade unless you have more than 4 absences from lecture.  Keep your clicker near your cell phone to help you remember to bring it.  Please do NOT email your instructor (Michael) about it or talk to him about it after class.
  8. Do Michael Manove (the instructor) and the Teaching Fellow Team have office hours.  Yes, for now we have office hours on Zoom.  Go to the office hour page for more information.
  9. Where are the problem-set assignments?
    All problem-set assignments will be posted on the course website. Go to Classes > Problem-Set Assignments on the Friday evening of the week before they are due.  The problems will be reviewed in your discussion sections on the week they are due.
  10. Do I have to finish assigned textbook readings in the Course Schedule by the date that’s given there?
    No, the dates on the course schedule are only suggestions.  But try not to fall behind.  Keep in mind that the exams (80 percent of the course grade) are focused on the lectures, and the textbook is to be used mainly as a reference and for the homework assignments and quizzes.
  11. Can I take my final exam early?  NO, I NEVER allow students to take the final exam  (or any other exam) early.  You must be present in person for the EC101 DD/EE Final Exams as scheduled on Wednesday, December 15 (EC101 DD 12:30-2:30, EC101 EE 3:00-5:00). DO NOT PLAN TO LEAVE before you take your final exam. If you do not take your final exam in person as scheduled, you will automatically fail the course.  If you are planning to fly to another location for your winter break, I suggest that you reserve your airline seat as soon as possible, because it can be difficult to get airline reservations for the second half of December.
  12. Final-Exam Conflicts: Will EC101DD or EC101EE provide an alternative time for my final exam if I have 3 or more finals within a 24 hour period?  Generally NO.  EC101DD/EE final exams are MATRIX exams, which means that the exams are given in the time slots that the Registrar specifies.  Almost all conflicts are caused by courses with NON-MATRIX final exams, which are offered at times not approved by the Registrar.  If you have a final-exam conflict, check with your other instructors and find out if any of their exams are NON-MATRIX.  If so, ask those instructors to provide you with alternative times for their final exams.
    Here is BU’s 0fficial policy for NON-MATRIX final exams.
    “Classes that opt to stray from the final exam matrix, whether to another standard exam block or otherwise, are considered Non-Matrix exams. In these circumstances, the school or college electing to reschedule a final exam for a Non-Matrix time must proactively anticipate student conflicts and be prepared to offer those students alternate accommodations.”


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