We value individual uniqueness and those from all backgrounds, with the intention to create a diverse group of colleagues to build a resilient and supportive academic research team. We aim to provide an environment to pursue science with confidence, creativity, and integrity to help achieve an individual’s academic, scientific, and career aspirations and goals.

Boston University School of Medicine
Center for Advanced Biomedical Research
W527 Laboratory
700 Albany Street
Boston, MA 02118

Email: rwlogan@bu.edu
Twitter: @wickedneuro

Research Assistant 3 [HIRING]

Job Description:

Our lab is engaged in several funded projects (by the NIH or private funding grants) focused on investigating the neurocircuitry, signaling and genetics mediating opioid analgesia and opioid use disorders. A Research Assistant (RA) position is open for an individual with substantial experience in mouse colony management and research involving rodent behavior and wet-lab approaches. In addition to overseeing the mouse colony management (breeding, genotyping), the RA will help perform experiments which will involve a multidisciplinary approach consisting of (but not restricted to) rodent handling, stereotaxic surgery, behavioral pharmacology, tissue collection and processing, biochemistry (Western/IP-IB/ELISA), molecular biology (PCR/RT-PCR), immuno- or probe-labeling (IHC/FISH), microscopy (confocal/slide scanning), protein/RNA extraction and cell sorting (FACs). The RA will also be expected to perform basic data analysis and to communicate results with the Principal Investigators (PI) and during lab meetings.

See link for more information and online application: https://tinyurl.com/vchhny8h

Research Technicians

Position is ideal for candidates who seek to develop research skills prior to graduate or medical school. The role will involve both administrative duties and research. The preferred candidate will be able to commit to at least two years. We support the long-term career goals of the technicians, including co-authorships and research presentations. Prior technicians attend graduate and medical schools.

Postdoctoral Fellows

We are seeking junior and senior postdoctoral fellows. The position offers the opportunity to learn and implement an array of techniques and approaches, from functional genomics to transcriptomics, computational biology, and complex behaviors in animal models of psychiatric disorders. A strong interest  in studying mood and addiction disorders is preferred. Research experience in intravenous drug self-administration in rodents, molecular biology, confocal microscopy, mouse genetics and behavior, and/or computational biology is also preferred.

Graduate Students

We accept graduate students through the Department of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics, Graduate Program in Neuroscience, and Program in Bioinformatics.

Undergraduate Researchers

We anticipate openings for undergraduate researchers in Fall, 2021.