Busy September at LIBRE!

September 21st, 2015

We started September off with a few big changes and events. Melinda Rossi, LIBRE’s Research Assistant since the beginning of the project, has moved on to a new and exciting job in health policy. We appreciate how much Melinda has done and we will miss her enormously! Thankfully, before she left, Melinda was able to train LIBRE’s new Research Coordinator, Emily Dore, who started three weeks ago. Emily is excited to be a part of a great team doing important work. Check out her brief bio here.

On September 12th, we participated in BSONE‘s Walk for Burn Survivors for our second year in a row. It’s always a great day full of familiar faces, sunshine on the Charles, and good food! If you haven’t been before, we would highly recommend it.



Also this month, we reached 450 completed surveys!!!! We celebrated by making hats and trying to balance them on our heads. This means we’re 150 surveys away from our goal, with a few more months left of recruiting. We’re now looking for burn survivors who sustained their injury less than 10 years ago so that our responses are balanced between recent and further out burn injuries. Help us spread the word so we can reach our goal! Contact us through email, libre@bu.edu, phone 1-844-255-9987, or through our website.

450 picture