LIBRE in Chicago: American Burn Association 47th Annual Meeting

May 1st, 2015

Phew, Team LIBRE made it back to Boston safely after a whirlwind week in Chicago, IL for the American Burn Association 47th Annual Meeting. The week was packed full of meetings with burn survivor groups and burn clinicians, giving and attending presentations, displaying our research through posters, and talking with people at our LIBRE booth while handing out chocolate and LIBRE information.


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A View of Sunny Chicago, IL


If you don’t know, the American Burn Association is an amazing nationwide organization dedicated to improving the quality of care for burn survivors. Its members are dedicated to supporting burn-related research, education, care, rehabilitation and prevention. We are so thankful for their support and for the opportunity to attend their annual meeting!

We want to thank everyone that stopped by our LIBRE booth to say hi and talk more about our project and everyone who visited one of our presentations or posters. It was a pleasure to be able to continue to spread the word about LIBRE and start conversations with individuals about the impact burn injury has on daily life.

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Pens, Lindt Chocolates and Informational Cards at LIBRE’s ABA Booth

Also, we would like to congratulate our LIBRE team members who gave presentations or had posters at the conference concerning LIBRE and other great burn research they do. Listed below is a snip-bit of what our team members presented last week:

  • Molly Marino, MPH presented Social Participation of Burn Survivors: A Conceptual Framework (the conceptual framework guiding the LIBRE project)
  • Lewis Kazis, ScD  presented overviews of the LIBRE project at several meetings of burn clinicians and burn survivors
  • Colleen Ryan, MD, FACS, presented The Impact of Facial Burns on Patient Reported Health Outcomes Following Burn Injuries in Young Adults: A Five Year Study
  • Colleen Ryan, MD, FACS also presented, Is Real-time Feedback of Burn-Specific Patient-Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs) in Clinical Settings Practical and Useful?
  • Jeff Schneider, MD, showed his poster Assessment of an Interactive Video Game System for Upper Extremity Burn Contractures (which won an award for Best in Category!!)
  • Vivian Shie, showed the poster A Preliminary Study on qEEG in Burn Patients with Chronic Pruritis
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Dr. Colleen Ryan and Dr. Jeffrey Schneider at the award winning poster Assessment of an Interactive Video Game System for Upper Extremity Burn Contractures