Halfway There, 300 Surveys Completed!

March 18th, 2015

300 Surveys Completed

Just a quick update from LIBRE headquarters, we officially hit 300 completed surveys this week! We are now half way to our goal for this phase of the project, to have 600 surveys completed by burn survivors.

As always, we’re overjoyed by the willingness of burn survivors to take the time to answer our survey questions. Our last update was almost exactly 3 months ago when we hit 200 surveys. This means we collected 100 surveys in 3 months!

This of course also means that we have 300 more surveys to go! We are now focusing on burn survivors that had their injury less than 10 years ago. We have heard less from this group of more recently burned survivors, and want to make sure that their experiences are equally reported in our survey.

Feel free to spread the word to burn survivors injured less than 10 years ago who may be interested completing a survey on social recovery. They can contact us through our website, or by phone or email at 1-844-255-9987 or libre@bu.edu.

LIBRE Staff Left to Right: Rene Soria-Saucedo, Melinda Rossi, Flor Amaya, Molly Marino, Marina Soley Bori