COVID-19 Related Precautions

UPDATE ON VACCINATIONS: All patient-facing researchers have been fully vaccinated.

As a participant in our research studies, we take your safety extremely seriously. Please see below for steps we are taking to ensure that your risk of exposure to COVID-19 is minimized during in-person research visits.


We will call you the day before your visit to ask you a few questions about symptoms related to COVID-19 and potential contact with persons who may be COVID-19 positive. Based on your responses, you could be asked to stay home and we will provide you with more information on next steps at that time.

We will provide you with information on where to park, if needed.


Once you arrive for your appointment, we will again screen you as described above. We may also take your temperature using a no contact thermometer. Based on your responses and/or temperature reading, you could be asked to return home and we will provide you with more information on next steps at that time.

We will also provide you with a surgical mask that you would be wearing throughout your visit.


You will be asked to practice good hand hygiene while in the building and lab. All researchers who interact with you will be wearing a surgical face mask at all times. During the visit, we will stay more than 6 feet away from you whenever possible. For any procedures that require physical contact, the researcher will use personal protective equipment (PPE) including gloves, gown, and face-shield, in addition to the face mask.


The lab has implemented a number of safety protocols that have been reviewed and approved by the leadership at Boston University. We have been approved to resume in-person research based on these protocols.

All equipment (e.g., sensors, clothes, etc.) and surfaces (e.g., door knobs, railing, etc.) that come in contact with researchers and participants are sanitized before and after each visit.

Researchers have been tested for COVID-19 and undergo testing as needed.

All researcher have to provide daily attestation that they do not have any symptoms before they arrive for work.

The number of researchers in the lab is 50% of usual capacity to maintain physical distancing.

The building itself has a number of protocols to ensure safety including one-way corridors, single occupancy bathrooms, hand sanitizing stations, signage, etc.


Some of our research studies include physical therapy treatment at the Boston University Physical Therapy Center (BUPTC). The clinic has undergone a slow phased reopening and has strict protocols in place that are based on public health and Boston University guidelines. These include:

  • Weekly COVID testing for all physical therapists
  • Everyone will be wearing masks while on the premises: clinicians, front office staff, and patient/clients
  • All seats are placed 6 feet apart
  • All equipment is placed 6 feet apart
  • There are designated staff member for cleaning and sanitizing
  • Floor markers indicating one-way flow to prevent overcrowding at doorways and crowded areas
  • Limited number of clinicians treating at the same time to limit number of people
  • Appropriate PPE (face coverings, gloves, gowns) used during close contact


If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to your study specific contact person.