Prospective students

If you are an undergraduate student with strong background in math, probability and signals, and you interested in exploring the world of research in image/video processing, visual surveillance, camera networks, etc., a limited number of REU (Research Experiences for Undergraduates) scholarships are available on grants I participate in. Please send me an email. Undergraduate research funding is also available from various BU- and College-sponsored programs.

If you are a prospective graduate student interested in my research areas, and have a strong engineering background, I encourage you to apply to the ECE graduate program. The top-ranked PhD-program applicants are usually offered a Dean’s Fellowship, Graduate Teaching Fellowship or, in exceptional circumstances, Research Assistantship in the first year of the studies. After the first year, after passing the PhD qualifying exam, most candidates are offered a Research Assistantship from one of ISS faculty. Usually, we do not offer fellowships or assistantships to MS students, but exceptional candidates are considered on a case-by-case basis. For details about the graduate program and admission procedures, please visit the ECE Graduate Program web site.

Please note that admissions are handled by the ECE Department and the College of Engineering, and not by me, and therefore please do not contact me about the application process. If you are an exceptionally strong candidate with an established publications record in my research area, in parallel with the official application to the ECE Department you may send me your CV, as this helps in recruiting efforts. However, due to the large volume of email that I receive, I regret that I may not be unable to reply to the vast majority of requests; please do not be offended.