NSF GCR 2219101 “Collaborative Research: Micro-bio-genetics for Programmable Organoid Formation”, Role: PI of the BU team, $900,000 (BU amount), $3,600,000 overall amount, 10/01/2022 – 09/30/2027

NIH R01 EB030946: “Synthetic gene sensors and effectors to redirect organoid development”,  Role: co-PI (MIT sub-contract), $3,000,000 (overall amount), 05/01/2021 – 01/31/2025

NSF IIS-2024606: “NRI: FND: A Formal Methods Approach to Safe, Composable, and Distributed Reinforcement Learning for co-Robots”, Role: PI, $548,065, 10/01/2020 – 09/30/2023

MIT / Lincoln Lab: “Inter- and Intra- Team Coordination”, Role: PI, $88,000, 12/01/2018 – 09/30/2022 


NSF IIS-1723995: “S&AS: INT: COLLAB: Autonomy as a Service”, Role: PI of the BU team, overall amount: 1,000,000, BU amount: 235,000, 8/15/2017 – 7/31/2021

NSF CNS-1446607 CPS Frontier “Collaborative Research bioCPS for Engineering Living Cells”, Role: lead PI (collaboration with MIT and Penn), $4,500,000, (BU part $1,882,852), 05/01/2015 – 04/30/2021

NSF CBET-0939511: “Emergent Behaviors of Integrated Cellular Systems” (EBICS) – Science and Technology Center (lead: MIT); BU sub-award: “Quantification and Synthesis of Emergent Behaviors in Networks of Locally Interacting Entities” (funded at the level of $100,000/year) 10/01/2014 – 09/30/2021

Schlumberger-Doll Research: “Autonomous Persistent Surveillance of Hydraulic Fracturing Sites”, Role: PI, $50,000, 10/01/2018 – 09/30/2019

NSF NRI-1426907: “Formal Methods for Motion Planning and Control with Human-in-the-Loop”, Role: PI (single PI), $488,644, 08/01/14 – 07/31/2019

NSF CMMI-1400167: “Combining Optimality and Correctness in Control Systems”, Role: PI (single PI), $349,999, 08/01/2014 – 07/31/2019

Schlumberger-Doll Research: “Underwater Object Recognition and Localization for Control”, Role: PI, $70,000, 04/01/2017 – 03/31/2018

NSF CPS- 1446151: Synergy: Collaborative Research: Efficient Traffic Management: A Formal Methods Approach, Role: PI (collaboration with UC Berkeley), $301,547 (BU amount), 01/01/2015-12/31/2019

ONR N00014-14-1-0554: “Formal Methods for Learning, Monitoring, and Detection of Anomalous and Malicious Behaviors in Maritime Surveillance”, Role: PI (single PI), $450,000, 6/1/2014 – 5/31/2017

ONR MURI 014-001-0303-5: “Utilizing Synthetic Biology to Create Programmable Micro-Bio-Robots”, Role: co-PI, expected overall 5-year amount: $7,500,000, 07/30/2011 – 11/30/2016

ONR MURI N00014-09-1051: “Smart Adaptive Reliable Teams for Persistent Surveillance (SMARTS)” (subcontract from MIT), Role: PI of the BU team, overall 5-year amount: $7,500,000, 5-year BU amount: $1,446,000, 05/30/2009 – 05/01/2016

ONR MURI N00014-10-10952: “Animal Inspired Robust Flight with Outer and Inner Loop Strategies” (subcontract from U. Washington), Role: co-PI, expected overall 5-year amount: $7,500,000, expected 5-year BU amount: $3,127,730, 10/01/2010 – 09/31/2015

NSF CNS-1035588  “CPS: Medium: Collaborative Research:  Efficient Control Synthesis and Learning in Distributed Cyber-Physical Systems”, Role: PI, overall 3-year amount: $1,000,000, 3-year BU amount: $400,000, 09/03/2010 – 08/31/2015

DENSO Corporation, Japan: “Formal Methods for Learning, Monitoring, and Mitigation of Anomalies in Automotive Systems”, Role: PI, $70,000, 12/15/2014 – 07/01/2017

NSF EF 1137900: “Collaborative Research: The Dynamics of the Innate Immune System: A Study of the Toll-Like Receptor (TLR) Network”, Role: PI, $142,512, 07/10/2011 – 06/10/2013

NSF CMMI 0928776: “A formal approach to the control of stochastic dynamical systems,” Role: co-PI, $240,000, 08/05/09 -08/31/13

NSF CNS-0834260:  “A formal approach to control of hybrid systems”, Role: PI (Single PI), $300,000, 09/15/08 -08/31/13.

AFOSR DURIP FA9550- 11-1-0292: “Instrumentation to Support Research on Provably Safe and Animal-Inspired Flight”, Role: PI, $250,000, 11/01/2012 – 09/01/2013

NSF IIS-0447721: “CAREER: Hierarchical abstractions for planning and control of robotic swarms”, Role: PI: (Single PI), $400,000, 02/01/05 -01/31/11.

NSF IIS- 0924561: “REU Supplement for CAREER: Hierarchical abstractions for planning and control of robotic swarms”, Role: PI (Single PI), $12,000, 05/01/2009 – 12/31/2009

AFOSR Young Investigator Award FA9550-09-1-0209: “Formal synthesis of control and communication strategies for teams of unmanned vehicles”, Role: PI (Single PI), $300,000, 01/01/09 -12/31/12.

ARO W911NF-09-1-0088: “Specification languages and distributed control schemes for teams of unmanned vehicles”. Role: PI (single PI), $229,101, 01/01/09 -12/31/12.

NIH R01 DE15989: “Role of Obesity in Infection”, Role: co-PI, $569,676, 10/1/2009 – 09/30/2011

NSF IIS-0822845: “REU Supplement for CAREER: Hierarchical abstractions for planning and control of robotic swarms”, Role: PI (Single PI) , $12,000, 05/01/2008 – 07/31/2008

NSF CNS-0410514: “Scalable algorithms for safety verification and reachability analysis of hybrid systems”, Role: PI, $300,000, 09/01/04 -08/30/08.

NSF CCF-0432070: “Collaborative Research: Rational Design of Synthetic Gene Networks using Formal Analysis of Hybrid Systems”, Role: PI, $275,000, 09/01/04 -08/30/07.

PA Dept of Health Research Formula Fund Grant: “Systems Biology Approach to the Understanding of Protein – Protein Interactions: Simulation, Control and Biological Validation”, Role: co-PI, $50,000, 05/01/04 – 04/30/05.