conPAS/conPAS2: Temporal logic control of Piecewise Affine Systems


conPAS is a computational tool for automatic synthesis of feedback control strategies for a piecewise affine (PWA) system from specifications given as Linear Temporal Logic (LTL) formulas. conPAS consists of two main steps: First, by defining appropriate partitions for its state and input spaces, it construct a finite abstraction of the PWA system in the form of a control transition system. Second, by leveraging ideas and techniques from Buchi games and qualitative probabilistic LTL model checking, it generates a control strategy for the finite abstraction. The tool conPAS handles only specifications that can be expressed as deterministic Buchi automata, while its extension conPAS2 can handle arbitrary LTL formulas through a translation to deterministic Rabin automata. While provably correct and robust to small perturbations in both state measurements and applied controls, both procedure are conservative and expensive.


Current version
download conPAS2 (beta)

Previous versions:
download conPAS2 for Linux only (beta)
download conPAS2 for Linux with all dependencies (beta)
download conPAS


1) Download the conPAS or conPAS2 package
2) If downloading conPAS2 only (no dependencies as in the newest available version)
   a) download the required external toolboxes (specifically, MPT) and
   b) link and initalize the toolboxes (addpath(genpath(path_to_mpt)); mpt_init)


ConPAS2 uses the following external packages:
MPT Toolbox (Polyhedral operations)
Graphviz (Visualization)
ltl2dstar (LTL to Rabin automata translation)
ltl2ba (LTL to Buchi translation. Used by ltl2dstar)

Quick start

1) Set conPAS paths (from conPAS root folder, use ‘>>addpath(genpath(‘.’))’)
2) Load a PWA system
3) Load an LTL specification (encoded directly as a Rabin automaton)
4) Run conPAS or conPAS2 (eg. “conPAS2”)

See genes_example1, genes_example2, tanks_example for examples

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