Hothouse Productions

COM FT 505 – Television Production – Hothouse

This is a class that operates as a student-run, client-driven production company. Projects include PSA’s for local TV stations, videos for non-profits, an occasional music video, and documentary shorts. From time to time, there will be national competitions for student productions. 3.0 GPA required. 4 credits only.

The College of Communication at Boston University created Hothouse Productions so that television and film students could learn first hand what it’s like to do business in the real world. Operating as a production company for undergraduate and graduate students, students can shed their academic hats for the opportunity to work with clients on market-driven productions.

Students gain experience in the professional demands of deadlines and budgets while also turning their creative ideas into meaningful videos.

From research and development to writing, shooting, and editing, students can hone their creative skills.


Nicole Beale, Jason Kashdan and Rebecca McKee – Hothouse videos were shown at the Visitor Center on Capitol Hill in May of 2015. Executive Director of Child Justice, Eileen King, had the premiere of “Ignorance is This”, a national campaign designed to bring attention to children harmed by family court injustice.

Behind the Screen

Here’s a video that Hothouse students made about how Hothouse works.

Join Us or Hire Us

Working for Hothouse (Students)

Apply for Hothouse
  • Undergrad Prerequisites:
    1. COM FT325
    2. COM FT353
    3. 3.0 COM GPA
  • Grad Prerequisites:
    1. COM FT707
    2. COM FT727
    3. 3.2 COM GPA

Students should also have taken additional production courses in lighting, editing, directing, and videography. Interested students should reach out to Prof. Sitomer at A letter will be sent to applicants asking that they provide a letter detailing their production experience and expertise. They may also include links to previous video projects. The letter can also be found here. These will be reviewed during the selection process. The department will register accepted students.

Working with Hothouse (Clients)

Hothouse Productions is a class that operates as a student run, client-driven production company. As such, we work with clients in the community on projects such as PSA’s, fundraising videos and mini-documentaries.

What People Are Saying About Us

Client Testimonials

“Esperanza Academy is so pleased with the promotional video that the team from Hothouse Productions produced for the school. They were professional, enthusiastic, and inspired great confidence. Their finished product truly captured the essence of Esperanza and our students. We are confident that this video will be an essential tool for both our development and admissions teams.” Allison Caffrey, Director of Development, Esperanza Academy
“Law School needed a video demonstrating how forensic scientists perform analyses in the crime laboratory. It was important that the audiovisual portion clearly explain sophisticated scientific and evidentiary principles that are on the cutting edge of recent Supreme Court developments. The Hothouse students from B.U. mastered the scientific and legal principles involved and produced a video that was visually interesting, easy to follow, and intellectually nuanced. They worked long hours in the lab and treated everyone very professionally.” Prof. Michael Avery, Suffolk Law School
“I am so thrilled that the Leadership Council had the opportunity to advise, consult and support the students at Boston University’s Hothouse Productions. They were creative, intelligent, and hardworking and their final products will have a huge influence on people’s awareness of the problems abused children face in family court.”Joyanna Silberg, Ph. D; Executive Vice-President, Leadership Council on Child Abuse & Interpersonal Violence
“This is so beautiful! So well done. Well shot, well edited, well told- everyone nailed it. I’m really blown away!”Katie Brandt, Founder and Executive Director, Love Is Out There / FTD

Student Testimonials

“It’s the hardest class you’ll ever love.”Elizabeth Newell (’11)
“Hothouse is one of the most unique classes offered at Boston University. Never has a class more realistically prepared me for a job in the film and television industry. Students aren’t traditional students in Hothouse. We are producers, editors, writers, and directors creating real content for real clients. At the end of the day, your Hothouse work isn’t motivated by the grade you receive at the end of the semester. Your fuel comes from being given the opportunity to deliver a professionally produced project to your client that maintains the reputation of a highly esteemed production company built by some of the brightest and most passionate students at Boston University.”

Past Productions