Proposal Format Guidelines

Proposal Format Guidelines

The proposal must include (A) the application cover sheet including a project title, (B) the project description, and (C) a detailed budget with justification.

A. Application Cover Sheet

Mini_Grant_Cover_Sheet_2021-2022 (MS Word)

Mini_Grant_Cover_Sheet_2021-2022.docx (PDF)

Listing the Principal Investigator (PI) by name, department, email, phone and signature; any collaborators; title of the project; amount of funding requested as well as name and endorsement signature of department chair(s).

B. Project Description (limit 2 pages)

  1. Introduction

Introduction of project followed by a rationale for the proposed activities, including

  • Statement, context for project and brief discussion of importance of project;
  • Course(s) that will be impacted;
  • Issues and concerns that proposal will address;
  • Limitations/boundaries of proposal activities;
  • Prior work and funding (if applicable).
  1. Literature review (if applicable)
  • A brief history of the problem and research/studies relevant to problem
  1. Method/Plan
  • Specific activities to be conducted and timeline for implementation;
  • Description of participants involved in activities and/or those who will be impacted;
  • A list of personnel involved (email, department, rank, tasks);
  • Instruments to be developed or used and description of activities/products resulting from proposal.
  1. Dissemination
  • In addition to the required project presentation at the Geddes’ Spring Faculty Showcase, faculty are strongly encouraged to publicize the results of their mini-grants as workshops, conference sessions, or through publications.

NOTE: If this is a continuation project, previously funded through other sources, initial results and information about funding source must be included.

C. Budget and Justification (limit 1 page)

Requests may include materials, supplies and books, software, hardware, student stipends (according to University rules), faculty stipends (for non tenure-track faculty only).

Submit the completed application to:
Deanna Wong, Grants Administrator ( by Friday, September 24, 2021.