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De-mystifying the Sourdough Starter Series by Programs in Food & Wine & BU Alumni with Chef Chris Douglass

Chef Chris Douglass
Chef Chris Douglass
Chef Douglass's starter
Chef Douglass’s starter, Pomme

Are you seeing lots of people making their own sourdough bread, but feel unsure on where to start? Our three-part webinar series on how to make sourdough out of the comfort of your own home can help. Since we’re spending so much time at home, this is the perfect time to try something new!

This recorded series will introduce you to the world of sourdough bread, in three essential parts: sourdough starter, working with dough, and baking.

Session 1 Recap: De-mystifying the Sourdough Starter

Session 1 Resources: Sourdough Starter Guidlines by C. Douglass

Session 2 Recap: Working with Your Dough

Session 3 Recap: Baking Your Bread

Additional Resources for Sourdough:

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15 Mistakes Most Beginner Sourdough Bakers Make on YouTube, by Pro Home Cooks

Great places to shop for ingredients:

Central Milling

Ground Up Grain

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