Beth Warren

Director & Professor

Dr. Beth Warren is Professor of Literacy & Language and Director of the Earl Center for Learning & Innovation. She engages in collaborative design research that builds from the heterogeneity of human sense-making and experience to design learning ecologies that multiply possibilities for learning and development for children and youth from historically minoritized communities. She and her colleagues investigate questions 1) at the intersection of culture, race, language, and learning in disciplinary and transdisciplinary literacies, with attention to the sciences, humanities, and arts, and 2) related to teacher professional learning as the cultivation of interpretive power in classroom discourse and interaction.

Prior to joining BU Wheelock, Dr. Warren co-directed the Chèche Konnen Center at TERC where she collaborated closely with educators, youth, artists, and scientists in Boston and Cambridge.

Ongoing Research Projects

Critical Withness Studies


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Warren, B., Vossoughi, S., Bang, M., Rosebery, A.S., & Taylor, E. (2020). Multiple ways of knowing: Re-imagining disciplinary learning. In N. Suad Nasir, C.D. Lee, R. Pea, and M. McKinney de Royston (Eds.), Handbook of the Cultural Foundations of Learning, pp. 277-293. New York: Routledge.

Rosebery, A.S., Warren, B., & Tucker-Raymond, E. (2016). Developing interpretive power in science teaching. Journal of Research in Science Teaching, 53(10), 1571-1600.

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Bang, M., Warren, B., Rosebery, A.S., & Medin, D. (2012). De-settling expectations in science education. Human Development, 55(5), 243-358.

Warren, B. & Rosebery, A.S, (2011). Navigating interculturality: African American male students and the science classroom.  Journal of African American Males in Education, 2(1), 98-115.

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