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Dr. Maria Olivares and Dr. Eli Tucker-Raymond Receive National Science Foundation Grant to Create STEM Equity Research Network

Dr. Maria C. Olivares, BU Wheelock Research Assistant Professor in Language and Literacy and colleague, Dr. Eli Tucker-Raymond, Research Associate Professor, have received a grant from the National Science Foundation to assist in the development of a network to coordinate research on equity practices and cultures in STEM-maker education…Read more

Dr. Eli Tucker-Raymond Honored with a 2020 Outstanding Book Award for STEM Literacies Publication

Dr. Eli Tucker-Raymond, BU Wheelock Research Associate Professor of Language and Literacy has been awarded a 2020 Outstanding Book Award by the Society of Professors of Education for his 2019 publication, STEM Literacies in Makerspaces. Implications for Learning, Teaching, and Research...Read more

Critical Relationality: A Justice-Oriented Approach to Education and Education Research

In this blog post we will share an overarching view of critical relationality as theory and methodology for education research. We offer a glimpse into the generative work and findings that have come out of operationalizing a critical relationality design lens with implications for humanizing educational experiences in STEM for minoritized youth…Read more

BU Wheelock Team Launches NSF-Funded Study of How Youth Mentors Facilitate STEM Learning, Teaching, and Doing

Co-Principal Investigators Dr. Eli Tucker-RaymondDr. Maria Olivares, and Dr. Kate Frankel have been awarded a three-year grant through the National Science Foundation’s Education and Human Resources Core Research Program (ECR) to study how acting as peer mentors helps youth develop relational and personally meaningful science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) identities…Read more

Earl Center Director, Beth Warren, and Colleagues Publish in Landmark Handbook of the Cultural Foundations of Learning

 Beth Warren, Shirin Vossoughi, Ann S. Rosebery, Megan Bang & Edd V. Taylor co-authored “Multiple Ways of Knowing: Re-imagining Disciplinary Learning” in the Handbook of the Cultural Foundations of Learninga landmark volume that brings together cutting-edge research examining learning as entailing inherently cultural processes.  In their chapter, the authors posit that engaging in liberatory forms of disciplinary learning within a framework of decolonization and onto-epistemic heterogeneity is necessary for equitable, dignified, and just forms of education that support learners in who they imagine themselves to be and might become.

To learn more about this chapter and other critical works included in the Handbook of the Cultural Foundations of Learning, click here.

We Stand Against the Murder of Black People by Police

As Americans, we recognize the stark reality that racism permeates our institutions, our schools, and our streets and, thus, must be challenged everywhere.

As educators we must act against this oppression in our lives outside our classrooms and concentrate on how we provide safe, loving and anti-racist spaces for our Black students and other minoritized groups inside our classrooms, schools and organizations.

We cannot allow the murder of Black people by police to continue. We cannot allow the policing of Black people’s bodies by white people, police or otherwise, to continue.


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As the COVID-19 crisis continues to evolve rapidly, please click here for the latest information related to BU Wheelock as well as community-developed resources for parents, children, educators, and communities responding to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.