Photo Essay Grading Rubric

Grading Criteria:

Invention: Each picture clearly speaks to the topic, and the caption supports this meaning (brings it out). There are no pictures that seem irrelevant to the topic, or that don’t belong. Your intro sets up the essay in an interesting and compelling, yet neutral way. Strong essays make me see things in a new light, surprise me, contain detail-oriented as well global points of view, are thoughtful and, above all, personal. They are able to communicate this personal vision well to a general audience. 

Arrangement: This category evaluates the coherence and cohesiveness of your story. Do the photos on the whole, taken together, tell a story that feels complete? Does each picture connect, stylistically as well as content wise, with the picture before it and after it? Does your storyboard explain or make obvious these connections?  

Style/mechanics: Is there is an overarching style that connects your pictures? Are your captions well written, evocative, grammatically correct? Are your photos thoughtfully composed and designed? Did you use the software of your choice well to achieve a polished, professional, aesthetically pleasing essay?