February 17th, 2020

In the recent weeks, the CuPID chassis and avionics met for integration. This process involved mounting the avionics into the chassis and then wiring all the components together through the spacecraft. After many hours of work with screwdrivers, wire crimpers and lacing cord, we powered the spacecraft on. With much anticipation, everything checked out! Sun sensors, thermistors, and instruments (no high voltage yet, but soon) all powered on and operated nominally!

Lisa and Ariel mount the avionics into the chassis with smiling faces as screw holes line up and clearance tolerances are met!

Wiring of a CubeSat is a great challenge because of the tight spaces and many sensors.

The avionics and wiring integrated into CuPID as well as some of the team working and posing with the integrated satellite.

CuPID was transported from the clean room where integration took place, to the vacuum chamber in a building nearby. In this vacuum chamber, the CuPID X-ray telescope high voltage will be powered on under vacuum. A report on testing coming soon!

CuPID is stored in a vacuum chamber under vacuum to protect the delicate sensors. Here it awaits testing!

Let the marathon of spacecraft and instrument testing before launch begin!