Assessing the Impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic on US Mortality

Quantifying excess deaths caused by Covid-19 and describing county-level patterns.

COVID Corps Youtube Channel

Videos on COVID topics released every wednesday.

COVID-19 Cartoon Infographics

Cartoon infographics to help people understand what they can do to stay safe & healthy during the COVID19 pandemic.

Vaccine Infographics

Types of vaccines

Infographics to explain the basics of immune response and the different kinds of vaccines that are being developed.

Vaccine Delivery Methods

Infographics on the three methods of COVID-19 vaccine delivery.

Understanding New Vaccines

Infographics on new vaccines from Moderna and Pfizer.

Media Content Analysis

Examining news coverage of COVID-19, including the topics and the framing of issues in the news.

Self-Contact Tracing

An article about keeping track of contacts, with a downloadable tracking sheet.

Contact Tracing Infographic

An infographic about the contact tracing process.

Biobank Factsheet at Boston Medical Center

A fact sheet to help inform potential participants on key details on the COVID-19 Biobank.

COVID Straight Talk

A campaign from Last Mile on masks, ventilation, and physical distancing.

Fact Sheets on Safe Opening of K-12 Schools

A series of infographics and fact sheets to help staff and families be prepared.

The Covid Audit

An Elemental series where the team audits diaries submitted by real people.

Safe Opening Guidelines for an Outdoor Art Exhibition

Guidelines for safe performances at an outdoor exhibition.

US State-level Response to COVID-19

A dashboard allowing viewers to compare state-level policies on industry closures and reopenings, as well as the presence or absence of a mask mandate for public spaces.

COVID in Elementary and Secondary Schools

Examination and communication of the literature on distancing, and other support for local public health and school districts.

Understanding Simulation Models

Describing how simulation models work, how to interpret them, and how to learn about their strengths and weaknesses.

Genetics, Society, & COVID-19

Understanding the relationships between COVID, genetic markers of risk, and social determinants of risk.

Face Masks & Transmission

Collecting data on face mask usage in Massachusetts and model the impact of face mask use on COVID transmission, accounting for heterogeneity in mask type, quality, adherence, etc.

Assessing the Association between Combined Sewer Overflow Events and Coronavirus-19 Incidence in the Merrimack River Valley

Testing the hypothesis that CSO events are associated with an increased incidence of COVID-19 infections in communities in the Merrrimack River Valley.

Twitter & Misinformation

Evaluating the relationship between the emotional content of tweets, their viral spread, and the factual content of the tweets.

Occupation and COVID-19 Risks

Reports addressing COVID-19 risks and outcomes among healthcare workers, nursing home workers, schools and teachers, and retail and restaurant workers.

Typology of COVID-19 Data Visualization

This project will collect commonly used examples of data visualizations from data journalism and consumer-facing COVID reporting portals to develop a typology and timeline of COVID-19 charts.

Safe Opening for the Arts

Helping arts organizations, artists, and arts educators develop best practices that support safe environments for their work, with an eye toward unique exposures and constraints they face.

COVID-19 & Medication Adherence

Describing the level of adherence in COVID RCTs, assessing whether appropriate adjustments for non-adherence have been made, and providing support to trial teams who want to adjust for non-adherence.

Personal protection policies matter, but are they enough?

Quantitative analysis of the effect of adherence levels on personal protective policies at the state level.

Disability and Long Covid Database

The database will update with brief synopsis and analysis of the newest scientific research on two emerging areas vital for public health COVID research.