Sabina Yosif

Hi, my name is Sabina Yosif! I recently graduated from BU with a Bachelor’s degree in Health Science and minor in statistics and am currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Public Health with a dual concentration in Health Policy & Law and Epidemiology and Biostatistics. My most recent research internship with the Black Women’s Health Study (here at BU) works towards establishing an association between breast density and breast cancer through extensive data collection and analysis. Prior to this, I worked with the Framingham Heart Study within the neuropsychology group to identify factors associated with the aging of the brain while assessing behavioral biomarkers associated with cognitive decline. I also was given the opportunity to be an assistant at MGH over the previous summer which gave me experience in clinical behavior and data analysis. In addition to my current job with the BWHS, I work as a server at a local Boston restaurant and part-time as an administrative assistant.

Twitter: @BeanBeansBean

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