Prerana Gaitonde

Prerana is a second year MPH candidate focusing in Healthcare Management and Epidemiology/Biostatistics. She is originally from Mumbai, India and earned her Bachelor of Dental Surgery from Maharashtra University of Health Sciences. She rotated as a dental intern at MGM Dental College and Hospital, between 9 specialties of dentistry and has worked with a diverse set of patients. Prerana also has a Research Fellowship from the Tata Institute of Social Sciences. She worked with the Indian Dental Association, for 2 years as a Project Lead for the National Oral Cancer Registry of India before moving to Boston. During her time in dental school and the Indian Dental Association her experiences propelled her interest into Public Health. Prerana is passionate about implementing a holistic and interdisciplinary approach toward health and healthcare services to reduce the burden in the healthcare industry. She is a trained Hip Hop and Bollywood dancer and a crazy Potterhead! She loves reading, petting dogs and cheering people up. Always feel free to stop by and say hi!

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