Megan Healey

Megan Healey, PhD, MPH is a molecular epidemiologist with expertise in epigenetics and breast cancer. Dr. Healey uses population-based studies to investigate molecular and behavioral determinants of cancer subtypes and prognosis. Trained as a bench scientist, Dr. Healey completed research fellowships in cancer epigenetics at Johns Hopkins and cancer epidemiology at Harvard. She transitioned from biomedical science to public health in hopes of leveraging her interdisciplinary background to improve the health of populations. Part of that mission is to help train our future leaders in public health. Dr. Healey is invested in bringing innovative, integrated and practical approaches to learning in the classroom, particularly in large courses. Currently, Dr. Healey teaches Quantitative Methods for Public Health, Concepts and Methods in Epidemiology, and Nutritional Epidemiology. In 2017, she received the BUSPH Educational Innovation Award and is the recipient of several BUSPH Excellence in Teaching Awards. Dr. Healey is the Director of MPH Programs.

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