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Smartphone App that can Diagnose Mental Health Issues

By Haiting Hu A start-up from Israel recently developed a mobile phone application named Brain Profiler that can scientifically diagnose an array of mental health issues using AI. The application, which is capable of performing a quicker assessment that its human counterparts, was developed by Montfort, an Israeli start-up, along with Dr. Abraham Peled, lecturer […]

Managing Children’s Screen Time

By Haiting Hu Screen time spent on cellphones and tablets has become a common tool for parents to occupy and entertain their kids. However, with the COVID-19 pandemic, distance learning has made parents “redefine screen time” for their children and has raised concerns about balancing screen time usage with life outside of technology. “For teens […]

Dating Technology- From VCR to Mobile Applications

By Haiting Hu These days, dating sites and applications are becoming more and more popular for finding a romantic partner. An article on Vox describes how 1970s VCR dating was the precursor of our dating apps today. Jeff Ullman made the first foray into video dating as the founder of Great Expectations. Ullman recorded three-minute […]

Cellphone Use Policies in Workplaces

By Haiting Hu A gunman killed 8 people at a FedEx facility in Indianapolis several weeks ago. A policy that was in place to reduce cellphone distractions while working ultimately delayed victims calling for help or contacting their families. An article on the Wall Street Journal takes us to a closer look at cellphone usage […]

Technologies that “Reset Office Culture”

By Haiting Hu The pandemic has forced many people to work from home. An article in The Wall Street Journal showed us how Zoom and FaceTime are creating a new online working environment for businesses during the pandemic and how these online platforms might continue to replace business travel going forward. These “cloud-based collaborative tools” […]

Immersive Learning with VR and AR

Author: Haiting Hu Modern technologies have created a new teaching and learning experience for educators and students in the classroom. Especially during the pandemic, the demands of distance-learning have highlighted the necessity of incorporating digital methods in education. An article in Forbes recently showed us how modern technologies such as VR and AR can “engage […]

AR Gives Students with Autism an Equal Learning Experience

By Haiting Hu Augmented Reality (AR) offers students with autism a new way to learn and to engage socially. For all students, both their educational and social needs must be met. A recent article in Innovation & Tech Today talks about how AR technology apps can facilitate and improve the learning experience for students with […]

Visit from Facebook in EM 757 User Producers 2.0: Developing Interactivity

Dr. Guo and the students in EM 757 recently welcomed Sushi Sutasirisap and Joy L. Hightower to their remote class. Sushi Sutasirisap is currently a senior product designer at Facebook, leading the media design team on Portal. Her mission is to use technology to bring people closer together. She has also previously designed world-class products […]

We’re Still Talking About 2016 Online Trolling

We are still hearing about Russian involvement in the 2016 election cycle… It’s February of 2018. The investigation into the bots, trolls, and alleged involvement of Russian operatives in US election cycle manipulation has just come to it’s (first) conclusion indicting Russian nationals. A long discussed and disputed investigation into what exactly happened in the 2016 […]

Making Social Media Matter Workshop

Registration opens this week for Making Social Media Matter, 3 day workshop! Go From Big Data to Data Scientist in Just Three Days at Boston University Making Social Media Matter is a hands-on, three-day workshop that equips attendees with skills to quickly collect, analyze, visualize, and interpret data from popular social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and blogs. […]