Training Institute for Dissemination and Implementation Research in Health

In 2017, the institute will utilize a combination of a 3-month online course (six webinar sessions with related assignments) between mid-August and mid-November, and a 2-day in-person training to be held November 30 and December 1, 2017, in North Bethesda, MD. Faculty and guest lecturers will consist of leading experts (practitioners and teachers) in theory, implementation, and evaluation approaches to D&I; creating partnerships and multilevel, transdisciplinary research teams; research design, methods, and analyses appropriate for D&I investigations; and conducting research at different and multiple levels of intervention (e.g., clinical, community, policy). The training is open to researchers with interests in studying D&I across health care, public health, and community settings.

For a background on the training institute, see: “The U.S. training institute for dissemination and implementation research in health.” Implementation Science 2013 8:12.

Application Period Opens: Early May

Application Period Closes: Mid-June

Course Begins: Mid-August

In-Person Training, Bethesda, MD: November 30 and December 1, 2017

Implementing Smoking Cessation into Delivery of Lung Cancer Screening

This presentation will describe challenges associated with talking to smokers about smoking cessation during the lung cancer screening process. We will highlight findings from our qualitative study which received HSR&D Paper-of-the-Year, and present findings from a recently completed pilot study of an intervention based on those findings, and describe the design of a recently funded pragmatic trial partnering with the VA Quitline that will further test this intervention.

Knowledge Translation (KT) Canada Seminar Series

KT Canada is a network of Canadian experts in knowledge translation joining forces to tackle the greatest challenge in healthcare today: the fact that although there is a great deal of health research being conducted, there is a gap in applying the results at the patient’s bedside and in everyday health decisions. KT Canada has developed and hosted the first, expert-led seminar series dedicated to current and emerging topics in knowledge translation.

National Cancer Institute (NCI) Advanced Topics in Implementation Science Research Webinar Series

The NCI Division of Cancer Controls and Population Sciences Implementation Science Team started a webinar series focused on advanced dissemination and implementation research topics. Each session will include approximately 40 minutes for presentations by leaders in the field as well as 20 minutes for engaged discussion and Q&A.

U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) Health Services Research & Development Cyberseminars

VA Health Services Research and Development works to identify and evaluate innovative strategies that lead to accessible, high quality, cost-effective care for Veterans and the nation. The cyberseminars feature state-of-the art training and special interest sessions via 24/7 on-demand archived presentations.