Thanawuth Thanathibodee

I am interested in the formation and evolution of young stars and protoplanets, particularly how they accrete mass from their disks. In the Espaillat group, I am developing and using accretion models to analyze emission lines in spectra of T Tauri stars observed by the Hubble Space Telescope ULLYSES project and its associated programs (ODYSSEUS and PENELLOPE). These modeling works will help to understand the connection between accretion properties, such as accretion rates, accretion geometries, and their variability, and the properties of emission lines in UV/optical/IR spectra of these young stars. I am also using magnetospheric accretion models to predict and explain accretion-related emission lines from forming, young, giant planets. This work will help understand young planets’ accretion processes and help guide observations to search for such objects.

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