What BADD does

Consistent with its mission and core values, BADD will engage in the following:

  1. Annual meeting – BADD and non-BADD students, interns and professionals will convene to discuss the status of diversity and inclusion in dietetics, research to improve diversity and inclusion in dietetics, success stories of programs designed to increase diversity and inclusion in dietetics, and cultural competence/humility.  Workshops for students and professionals will be offered on the DICAS application process, resume writing, interviewing, public speaking, etc. and educational sessions will be offered on diversity/inclusion-related topics.
  2. Fund raising – is an essential part of BADD’s mission. The goal: award two scholarships annually to racially/ethnically and/or gender/sexuality and/or ability diverse students.
  3. Mentoring program – Representatives will provide (free of charge) mentorship for up to 5 students, interns and/or professionals from racially/ethnically, gender/sexuality, and ability diverse applicants to the mentorship program.  Mentorship activities will include application completion, resume writing, career planning, interviewing, presentation skills, etc.
  4. Scholarships – 2 $3,500 scholarships will be awarded annually to racially/ethnically, gender/sexuality and/or ability diverse applicants.
  5. Outreach programs – representatives from BADD membership/leadership will visit schools in and around Boston that serve (predominately) underserved minoritized students to provide high school students (particularly in STEM) information regarding the profession of dietetics.
  6. CPE opportunities – to encourage continued engagement with credentialed dietetics professionals in the Boston area, BADD will offer pre-approved CPE opportunities.  BADD will also promote/champion requests of CDR to establish learning needs codes for diversity and inclusion-related educational opportunities.