BADD Committees


The Fundraising Committee is charged with raising capital to support BADD’s mission.  The main goal of this committee is to ensure funds for BADD annual scholarships awarded to diverse students and interns in dietetics programs.

Xiomara Hart

Christine Sinclair

Deanna Belleny

Rachel Andrade

Amy Gardner

Marissa Silver

Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting Committee is charged with organizing, promoting and presenting the BADD Annual Meeting which will be held to provide dietetics students, interns and professionals in and around the Boston area information related to diversity, inclusion and equity in dietetics. Research-based presentations, programs, round table discussions, etc. for continuing professional education (CPE) units will be available.

Rachel Andrade (Co-Chair)

Yaris Melo (Co-Chair)

Grace Adeoye (Co-Chair)

Outreach & Mentoring

The Outreach & Mentoring Committee will work with students of all ages to inform them about dietetics as a profession in effort to encourage diverse students to enter the field.  Additionally, this committee will establish a BADD Mentorship Program to connect under- and over-represented students, interns and professionals in dietetics in effort to support access to and retention of historically excluded groups in the profession.

Christina Zuniga (Co-Chair)

Joyce Faraj (Co-Chair)

Caroline Kohler

Stella Uzogara

Hannah Cai

Grace Adeoye

Enjie Mora

Jay Patruno

Wendy Ng

Yaris Melo

Sue-Ellen Anderson-Haynes

Gabrielle Redner

Scholarship Awards

This committee will be responsible for advertising, promoting, application development and review, and selection of diverse students and intern applicants for annual scholarship awards offered by BADD.

Jay Patruno (Chair)

Caroline Kohler

Caroline Allen

Stella Uzogara

Coleen Liscano

Communication & Events

This committee will work to develop quarterly events for BADD membership as well as application for “prior approved” CDR CPEs for qualifying events.  This group will also create, publish and distribute our monthly newsletter “BADD News”.  Finally this group works in support of our Social Media Manager to create content for posts on our BADD social media accounts (Twitter/Instagram @BADDietetics).

Ilana Patti (Social Media Manager)

Rachel Andrade (Co-Chair)

Iman Albader (Co-Chair)

Amy Gardner (Newsletter lead)

Sue-Ellen Anderson-Haynes

Tangela Kindell

India Wilkerson

Jamie Dannenberg

Annie Lu

Diversifying Dietetics Education Programs

This committee, proposed by Lisa Brown of Simmons University, will engage to strategize and establish best-practices to diversify dietetics programs in and around the Boston area. Areas of focus within BADD include the development of educator and preceptor trainings around DEI.

Lisa Brown (Chair)

Kate Burt

Erin Reese

Christine Sinclair

Joyce Faraj

Enjie Mora

Christina Zuniga

Diversity Research Strategy & BADD Program Evaluation

Recognizing the need for ongoing diversity, inclusion and equity research in dietetics as well as a structured program evaluation of BADD, this committee will work to develop a logic model and conduct process and outcomes evaluation for BADD.

Kate Burt (Co-Chair)

E Reese (Co-Chair)

Wendy Ng

Quynh Tu

Amy Branham

Deanna Belleny