BADD Merch

BADD has launched our first fundraising campaign on Bonfire!  All proceeds from sales of our merch will go toward scholarships to financially support dietetics students from historically excluded groups.  On our Bonfire campaign store page, you will find t-shirts and sweatshirts in a variety of colors, styles and sizes for purchase.  All merch features our original BADD logo designed by Adam Dalton Blake.  And, if you feel you are able to add an additional donation, please click on that box at check out from Bonfire.

We know you will love wearing your BADD merch, supporting diversity in dietetics and representing and promoting our alliance and activism!

August 6, 2021: Update

BADD continues to sell merch (though at a slower pace than previously).  Please consider purchasing a BADD t-shirt or tank.  They are fantastic additions to your wardrobe and by purchasing our merch, you are directly supporting our scholarships.  Oh, they make great gifts too (and the holidays are right around the corner ;) .

May 24 2021: Update

BADD has made over $300 selling our BADD merch with our Bonfire partners!  All proceeds from our merch sales go to support our scholarships for folx from historically excluded groups entering academic or supervised practice programs.  If you haven’t yet purchased a shirt, please do visit our Bonfire store.  We have two campaigns going: 1) shirt with name on front and logo on back, 2) shirt with just name on front.  These make GREAT graduation gifts!!!

February 17, 2021: Update

Our first BADD merch fundraising campaign on Bonfire was a success! Thank you to all who purchased and donated toward scholarship awards to support folx from historically excluded groups as they enter into academic or supervised practice programs.  Our first campaign raised $227.28!

To keep the momentum going, we have launched our second fundraising campaign.  If you would like to purchase some awesome merch (designed by Adam Dalton Blake) or would just like to donate, visit our Bonfire campaign store page.