Call for Papers: Issue 3

The Boston University American & New England Studies Program graduate student-led journal Ampersand: An American Studies Journal is seeking submissions. 

As conversations about place, land, and the built environment circulate urgently in American culture, Ampersand welcomes reflections on “environments” in all their forms for the Summer 2022 issue titled (De)Constructing Environs. This may include research and meditations on place-making, building up, tearing down, and the communities that those processes create and influence. We welcome pieces that explore landscapes, both real and imagined; the concept of literal and metaphorical space, such as the concept of the safe space; topics in environmental history; the built environment and interiors; and the ideological “roots”––or foundations––of doing this kind of work.

We believe fields are moved forward and remain relevant by their newest contributors; for this reason our journal centers the work of graduate students and emerging scholars. Historical period, disciplinary approach, method, and topic remain open provided the work addresses the theme of (De)Constructing Environs, broadly construed. We welcome polemic statements, theoretical interventions, creative approaches, personal and/or photo essays, book or article reviews, methodological reflections, as well as traditional article-length texts of no more than 6500 words. 

Please submit an abstract of 250-350 words and a resume to with subject line “Submission: Summer 2022” by April 1st, 2022. Selected contributors will be asked to send completed submissions by June 1st, 2022.