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Congratulations, Dr. Hansen and Dr. Huang!

Kate and Yimin successfully defended their Ph.D. thesis! Congratulations, Dr. Hansen and Dr. Huang! We are proud of your accomplishment. We also found fun in ZOOM Ph.D defenses.

Fun Summer Research!

We were so excited to work with our talented Summer Undergraduate Researchers, Guo Chen, Wei Liu, Zhiyi Du, Jinyan Si and Raheem Carless. Glad to have you all in the summer of 2019.

Congratulation to Yimin and Linli!

Congratulate Yimin and Linli for winning the BU Chemistry Feldman Travel Award! Both presented excellent oral presentations at MRS 2019 Spring meeting.

Congrats, Dr. Cardona!

Melissa defended her Ph.D. thesis this Jan. Congrats, Dr. Cardona! We are so happy for your achievement. It has been wonderful to work with you. Your leadership will be missed.

Summer research rocks!

We hosted 5 undergraduate researchers from Zhejiang University and University of Science and Technology of China in this summer. They have been working on our neuron-nano and materials for photonics directions. Yiming Fu, Yifei Geng, Yang Liu, Ran Cheng and Shihan Zhu, congratulate on great science you have done during the summer. We enjoy working […]

BU awards received by Yang lab

We have recently received multiple BU awards supporting our research. These include BU MRSEC seed award, BU Nano Center Pilot Award, BU Nano Center Fellowship (to Yimin) and BU CTSI Pilot award.  We appreciate the opportunities and are grateful for BU community.

Publications on the way!

We recently have three papers published in distinct directions, including optical study, energy application of nanomaterials and neuronal generation using new nanostructures ! Congrats Melissa and Yimin!