REVIEW: John Mulaney @ Symphony Hall 11/14


Chicago-native and comedian John Mulaney graced Boston with his presence this week at Symphony Hall, performing his new show Kid Gorgeous a number of times, sometimes several per evening.  Max Silvestri, a fellow comedian, opened for Mulaney. His bits about the life of an only child and fearing groups of straight men brought many laughs from the audience.  He was a great first act and a superb start to the evening.

Mulaney’s classic style originally portrayed in New in Town (2012) and The Comeback Kid (2015) shine through in Kid Gorgeous, highlighting Mulaney’s consistency and comedic genius.  He touches on present issues, such as politics, in a light, satirical way, as well as personal stories from his childhood, his career, and his married life.  His wife, Anna, was frequently mentioned, as well as their inherent religious differences, as Mulaney was raised Catholic while his wife was raised Jewish.  Another common topic Mulaney often brought up is his dog, Petunia, a French bulldog; the Petunia stories are always top-notch, rare to disappoint.

Mulaney knows how to effectively evoke emotion from his audience.  He is infectiously energetic and animated; the audience hangs on his every word, prepared to laugh at the clever ridiculousness of his content.  A former writer for Saturday Night Live, it’s no wonder Mulaney is infinitely clever and creative, but one cannot help but to marvel at just how creative he truly is to come up with his material, as it is pure genius.

All in all, Kid Gorgeous, was a phenomenal show that is definitely worth attending if given the opportunity.  John Mulaney is a true entertainer with a kind soul and is sure to give anyone a laugh.

-Maggie Leone