Recently reaching the ten-year mark as a band, rock group The Maine is closing in on a remarkable 2017. These Arizona natives not only released their sixth studio album, but also are currently on a fall headlining tour to end the year. WTBU DJ Daniella Weiss heard from Jared Monaco of The Maine on all that their new album, Lovely Little Lonely, and the Modern Nostalgia tour entail.

Back in April, the Maine released Lovely Little Lonely, a cohesive record with a distinct concept that circulates throughout.

“It all started with John [O’Callaghan] having an idea—basically the idea of water, of being submerged and of being alone,” Monaco reflected.

The band typically records on location and this time that destination was a house overlooking the Pacific Ocean in Northern California. There, the deep, introspective songs that make up Lovely Little Lonely took shape by influence of the scenery surrounding the band.

“That in itself I think you can hear in the way that the songs came together,” said Monaco of the setting.

When creating Lovely Little Lonely, the band looked at American CandyLLL’s predecessor— in particular, to see what they could improve upon. The group devised the thought to make a record that could “fit in one box or make sense together, cohesively,” Monaco said. To achieve this, the band created interludes to bridge the album together in certain spots. This was important in allowing the record to flow, as was the album’s ending track, “How Do You Feel?” According to Monaco, this versatile song sums up the record well and gives a broad idea of where the band is at right now.

Around the time of the album’s release, The Maine played a show in London after some time off. Monaco recounted this show as where they played a new song for one of the first times and received a boost of confidence in seeing that most people were already familiar with the new material.

“It seemed like people were not only picking up the new track, but also enjoying it,” said Monaco. “On our end, that’s a huge relief when you have sat with these songs for months before anyone heard them. By that point, if you take too long, you can start second guessing your work, and that’s kind of dangerous as an artist. It’s nice to have that confirmation once you release something that, first and foremost, your fans are happy with it.”

After introducing Lovely Little Lonely to their album catalog, The Maine announced the Modern Nostalgia tour. Each show would have the band playing their two most recent albums, American Candy and Lovely Little Lonely, front to back and in their entirety. The band hopes to emphasize the contrast between those two records through this tour.

“We found a really cool way to incorporate all the different music videos that we’ve done and all the aesthetics that we’ve had into one stage,” said Monaco: the goal being to essentially unite these two album eras together in one show.

The Modern Nostalgia tour brings along Dreamers and Night Riots, two emerging rock groups.

“I’m excited about the package as a whole. I think it’s a really good lineup,” said Monaco. “We’re honored that these bands want to come out and tour with us so we’re going to try to make it really fun.”

In regards to the The Maine’s supportive fan base that has expanded greatly over the last 10 years, Monaco highlighted the band’s constant objective to express gratitude to fans.

“I think it’s important to take a second every now and then to acknowledge the things that have brought us to where we’re at right now. The reason we’re able to go out and do this crazy idea where we play these two records front to back is because we are so closely connected with our fan base,” said Monaco.

The Maine has long made it their mission to nurture this relationship between fans and the band.

“Having this relationship has been key for our band to have longevity and to be able to do the things we want to do.”

No different from tours of the past, the Modern Nostalgia tour is centered on creating an enjoyable experience for the fans.

As an eventful year wraps up and The Maine heads into their next decade as a band, there is excitement about the direction they are heading in. Stacked with talent, the Modern Nostalgia tour will take to the Palladium in Worcester, Mass. on Nov. 7. In Monaco’s perspective, it will even be his favorite tour the band has done so far.


-Daniella Weiss