DJ Spotlight: Emily Chow

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Interview by Lexi Herosian 


Emily Chow

The Alternative Kids, Sundays 8-10am

Major: International Relations Minor: History and Women Studies


So I understand you are originally from Taiwan, but went to high school in Northern California. How was it adjusting from West Coast to here freshman year?

Easter coasters here are very serious. People don’t go out in sweats, they are too preppy. Like chill out a little bit. Let’s just relax. Let’s just sit on the beach, look into the distance.


What are you listening to right now? Artists? Genres?

  • Foxygen
  • Kevin Morby
  • Alex Lahey
  • Angel Olsen, I listen to her all the time
  • I would say, Indie, Alternative, yeah.


What is your biggest piece of advice to people? In other words, what have you learned about yourself in these past 2 years at BU?

*Laughs* College honestly, College allows you to do things you love. Like radio. Well like play music, and I like to play music, so I found radio. And yeah that’s the biggest thing I’ve learned. Not every extracurricular is about building your resume, and forcing yourself to do things you don’t like. You can actually do stuff you like, like radio.


What made you want to join WTBU?

Well at first I didn’t even know WTBU existed. My roommate went to that newbies meeting. And She came back and she was like “Hey I think you’d really like this club” So I went and talked to the director, and interned for a show. The first show I interned for is Internet Killed the Radio Star.


How would you describe your radio voice?

I hate my voice. I think it’s a bit too high pitched, and it sounds kind of annoying. So when I’m on the radio show, I keep it down low. But I don’t think it’s working. The radio voice I try to achieve is MELLOW. But i work on that.


What have you gained from being in WTBU?

First of all, tons of new artists and new songs, that I didn’t think I would ever listen to, if I didn’t have other people play it for me. Sophia [co-DJ] plays a lot of 90s rock. 90s rock wasn’t a genre I listened to ever, but now she plays it on the show and I love it. It honestly brings me a lot of joy and happiness. I think about it every day. NO lie. I do. Because it is just cool to tell people you’re a DJ *laughs*. It really is. Well, I love music. I listen to music every single day. Being able to share my music with other people, brings me a lot of joy. I never thought radio was ever an option for me. Being able to share music, learn more artists. Makes me happy. Plus, meeting a bunch of new people too. I know that’s cliché. If it wasn’t for radio, I wouldn’t have met so many people. Especially Sophia, my co-DJ.