DJ Spotlight: Felipe Chamon

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Photo/Interview by Hannah Schweitzer



COM-Film/TV (18’)

Hobby Horsing Around (Saturdays 6-8am)


What is your favorite WTBU memory?

When we read listener submissions for embarrassing stories on The Blunder Years and one story was so shocking that DJ Anjali had to lie on the floor for a few minutes because she couldn’t understand why this happened to the poor soul.

What have you gained from being in WTBU?

A best friend. One of my DJs from last semester on The Blunder Years has become one of my best friends. I am so thankful for WTBU giving this to me. Also, I have gained lots of knowledge of how to create content for my show and how to use the studio.

What inspired you to create your radio show?

I really enjoyed my experiences with The Blunder Years, and wanted to continue working with WTBU. I had this idea for a show about getting to know different people, and pitched it to WTBU and they liked it.

What is your biggest piece of BU advice to people?

Get involved. Try new clubs and new activities. Meet people.