PREVIEW: (Sandy) Alex G @ the Sinclair 07/05


Once the king of Bandcamp releases and bedroom indie, (Sandy) Alex G (formerly just Alex G) is now onto his fifth official album, Rocket, which was released this past May. Over the course of his young but substantial career, songwriter Alex Giannascoli has managed to tap into a variety of styles while maintaining his signature solemn, driving sound. In Rocket, Giannascoli explores even further. Tracks like “Bobby” and “Powerful Man” take on a folky edge with crying fiddle lines and nostalgic melodies, while “Sportstar” is a dreamy electronic daze. No matter the track (or the album for that matter), there is always the constant of Giannascoli’s raw honesty and vocals showcased in their fullest glory.

(Sandy) Alex G will stop at the Sinclair on July 5 to tour Rocket, and will be supported by Japanese Breakfast and Cende. Doors for the sold out show are at 7 p.m.